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Buy, sell, 'r trade, hurry it up 'n git done. I ain't got th' time fer games.
Alphabet of Shi (I)

Fandom: SPG Fanbots

Characters: Shi Carlton

Rating: G

Summary: I is for induratize, the act of hardening one’s heart to another’s pleas or advances, or to the idea of love.

Author’s Note: I can’t promise I’ll manage one of these a day, but I’m going to try to do one a day until I hit ‘z’. They’re all going to be short, and some will be from AUs, but basically I’m making a series of fics about Shi based around interesting words in alphabetical order.


Shi is not a nice guy.

This is a fact of life, almost a law of nature. He takes no pride in it, but nor does he much seek to change it. Being short with people, being unfriendly, it serves him well. He doesn’t want to make friends.

He has a reputation as a good mechanic, there isn’t anyone in town better (if you don’t mind a machine working on your goods) and he gets things done quickly. The repairs always last, and his prices can be steep but it’s always well worth it.

He has a reputation in some circles as a smuggler. Always good on the parts one wouldn’t think you could find in such an out-of-the-way place. And wily; the cops might come sniffing, but they never find what they’re looking for. And if you’re on the run — if you need a place to hide, or you’re busted and have no where to crash — well, so long as you can afford to cover your fuel intake, he can hide you just as well as he does those black market goods.

But above all, he has a reputation for being unpleasant. It precedes him; people don’t come sniffing around looking to make friends much. They come for work, and he does what they pay for, and everyone goes their separate ways. No entanglements, no worrying about what became of anyone or anything that came through the shop.

It’s better that way; he’s cultivated the ability to snarl at even the most intriguing people that come through.

Only those as persistent, as stubborn as he himself is manage to cut through that, manage to get in close. He can care less for those who come in with a sob story or begging for help, for an arm to lean on.

He needs no crutch and will be no one else’s.