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A Song in His Heart || Shi and Buckminster RP

It isn’t often that he gives in to the urge to do this. It’s a private thing, a secret thing. Gage perhaps knows, because he sang more frequently when the young-build was new here. The child-bot Hummer knows, because he sang for her once. The habit of just singing, though, simply seemed to dry up one day, not too long after the fiasco with the companion bot, Core.

But sometimes, when Gage was off on an errand or away on some personal mission, if the radio was broken or too far away to turn off, and if the hour was early or late enough to reasonably expect no one to hear, he would sing.

Mostly he sings rock ‘n roll songs. Bad Company, The Who, a little Freddie Mercury when the mood strikes; older things like Elvis Presley and Bill Haley. He can manage Doo Wop, a little country now and then, but his voice doesn’t sound right for much other than the growl of rock and roll.

Today it’s Billy Idol grinding out of him; the refrain of Rebel Yell rumbling from his vocalizer like the purr of an old engine as he curls under the chain trencher setting to work. “In th’ midnigh’ hour/she cries more, more, more,” he sings, the pitch there, the passion if not the attractiveness of the original recording. “With a rebel yell/ she cries more, more, more. In th’ midnigh’ hour, babe…”

((Hope this is okay. I’m terrible at first posts, haha.))