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Shi's Garage
Buy, sell, 'r trade, hurry it up 'n git done. I ain't got th' time fer games.
About the Bot

This is Shi. He was built in 1902 by a paranoid loner of an engineer named Paul Carlton (or Pa, if you were Shi).

Shi’s name is pronounced, unfortunately for him, just like the female pronoun ‘she’, and he was built as mechanic. He fixes other machines; anything from cars to house hold appliances to other bots. Given just about any level of damage, Shi can find a way to salvage most devices, though he sometimes has to get ‘creative’ in replacement parts.

Shi is sort of a… coarse creature. He’s kind of unconsciously rude, short with others, and impatient. He’s also very fond of ripping things apart; it’s almost as good as fixing them. Sometimes when fixing things, he’ll take parts from the machine and supplement them with some Jerry-rigged replacement of his own design, keeping whatever it is he took as payment or what have you.

He’s suspicious and distrustful of humans, and will gleefully overcharge human customers, though his work is actually quite good and often worth the price. If business is slow, he also sees no issue with a bit of theft here and there to afford fuel.

I see him being kind of a lower class grungy guy. He’d probably get along better with the Beciles (so far as one gets along with those boys) than with the Walters, simply because he sees the entire Steam Man Band routine as servile and pandering to humans. Plus, you know, he’s a crook.


Shi was created by an extremely paranoid man, who taught him that all humans want something from you, they all want to use you, and none of them can be trusted.

Shi only ever trusted his ‘Pa’, as far as humans go, and took his every word to heart.

Pa killed himself after loosing a lot of money to some very not-nice people. He did this to avoid those not-nice people dismantling his shop and taking his things — which would have included Shi, at the time relatively young (about two decades on the earth). Shi thus believes that his life was essentially traded out for Pa’s.

Shi has a ‘secretary’. His name is Gage, a robot built to be used as a walking, talking automated appraisal machine.

Shi actually would probably pick on Hare a lot, because of Hare’s missing vent and exposed teeth. Really though, he would just want to fix him, but he doesn’t know how to be nice about it.

Shi is actually talented at playing the violin. But music playin’ is for sissies.